Relax a little bit!!!
Enjoy your ... RakikÚ!

Enjoy your Rakikò as you like, smooth, warm as a digestive, cool with ice and lemon as an aperitif, or a spritz, with three parts Rakikò, three of prosecco, a soda, ice and lemon and you're done ...

RakikÚ Story

Born in 1895 in a small confectionery of Mondovi, now inserted into the guide of the historic Italian, amaro Rakikò.

In that shop was accessed and is accessed as a sacred place, a temple of delights. The neighborhood kids there came a bit 'intimidated and getting up on his toes, handing a penny to checkout, solemn as a tabernacle, ringing like a bell went out of them happy with a little' of maize biscuits. Meanwhile adults sipped do absorbed and pleased with the Rakiko 'sprinkled with soda water.

Enjoyed both as an aperitif and as a digestive, that specialty named oriental and original taste. Ettore Alessandri nice type of lawyer, fisherman, poet and gourmet there had also composed of a lively rhyme, the text is still printed on the back label of the bottle.

Today the history of Rakikò continues well beyond the local context, this appetizer and tonic is appreciated by a wider audience and now Italian international. That's Rakiko 'is one of the most simple and funny stories that you can hear, a tale simple and effective, and has created over time the image of this liquor original taste.